Monday, May 21, 2012

Good-Bye LDS Primary School

The Primary School gave us a great send-off.  First they asked us to speak at the Friday, devotional.  It ended up being a stormy day, with wind and buckets of rain.  One thing you may not know about Fiji, is when it rains, people stay home from school and church.  So the school attendance was about 1/4 of the enrollment.  There would normally be about 400 students in attendance and that day there was about 100.

The 1st grade teachers, Sister Nathan and Sister Rabuka with their classes.

Brother Qaqa and Sister Talemaitoga singing the Fiji national anthem.

Sister Tait sharing her message with the students and staff.
The school giving us a "silent applause".  
 Then every student in the school (that was there) came and shook our hands and everyone had made us cards and letters.  


The secretary and teachers had made us a special lunch and we were given beautiful hand-crafted garlands.  (I can't remember the name of them.) 
 We even had a band with beautiful singing! (No one sings like the Fijians) - Bro. Betisaresare, Bro. Tagicakibau, Bro. Sautu
 Sis. Nathan, Sis. Tuwai, Sis. Tekabua

Sis. Toro and Sis. Levaci

Sis. Singh, Sis. Kumar, Sis, Rabuka

The ladies chowing down.  

 Some of the teachers.  Sis. Rabuka, Taits, Sis. Toganivalu, Bro. Sautu
Bro. Tagicakibau, Bro. Batisaresare

 This was a special family we came to love.  Mya and Gina.  They were new to the school this year, and Gina was voted the PTO president. 

Sis. Bidesi, Taits and students

We have grown to love the teachers and the students at both schools.  There were lots of tears shed as we said good-bye to all of the wonderful teachers and students at both schools.  

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