Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recent Events

February 23 was our 39th anniversary.  Then we found out that our friends the Hussains have the same anniversary as we do, and it is also Bishop Hussain's birthday!  So a celebration was definitely in order.

Maria and Peter Hussain.  Happy Anniversary to you too!


A whole deep fried fish.  Very tasty.  But we only ate the meat.  The Fijians eat all the fish except the bones. They say the head is the best part. (uh, No Thanks!)  They were happy they didn't have to share the brain and the eyes!

The sharp teeth of the fish we ordered.  I didn't know fish had such sharp teeth!  

Eating the tail.

The baptism of Karla Sefeti, one of our home teaching families.  

Karla and Elder Aleman

We had a gym membership for a year but it expired in February, so we are back to walking outside in the rain. It was a very wet Monday morning.  

We love our walking partners and neighbors the Whitings!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Happenings

One of the teachers at the college made a dessert called vaka lolo.  It is made with the taro plant.  Here in Fiji they call the taro plant "dalo"  (dah - lo).  Mike tricked me into trying it by saying it was good.  All I can say is it was better than poi.  Of course the Fijians all love it.  But I asked them if they would rather have vaka lolo or chocolate cake and they did not hesitate to say, "chocolate cake!" 

Vaka Lolo

Sister Sovasova (the school counselor), SisterTuwai (substitute teacher), Sister Tagicakibau (secretary) and the vaka lolo

Parent Night at the Primary School

Sister Rabuka, class 1 teacher, talking to the parents.

Brother Nathan, class 3 math teacher, telling parents about the new Singapore math books.

Sister Toganivalu, class 4 math teacher.

A new family, whose children are attending the Primary School.  They are a great family.  Gina was voted in as the PGTA (PTA) President that evening.  Mike had to have our picture taken with them because the father looked familiar.  Who do you think he looks like?  He said when he was in the Florida airport everyone stood up when he walked in and called him Mr. President. 

Taits, Rankins, Brother Qaqa (principal)

Good-by Sister Levaci.  You will be missed.  One of the teachers at the college was leaving because she got a new job.  It worked better for their family, since her husband is also a teacher, to have a job that is more flexible.

Melissa Levaci