Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flat Rylin in Fiji

Our sweet granddaughter, Rylin had a school project.  She made a "flat" mailable person of herself and mailed her to Fiji to spend a few weeks with us.  Flat Rylin then flew home with us and Rylin wrote a report about Flat Rylin's adventures in Fiji.  We had a blast showing Flat Rylin around Fiji.  

 Flat Rylin at the fish market checking out the colorful reef trout.

 At the vegetable market hanging out with the okra.

 Flat Rylin happily met the woman in the back selling yummy coconuts.

Next Flat Rylin went to the LDS Primary School and said hello to the member of the 2nd grade class there.  The students even wrote her some letters to take back to California.

Flat Rylin at the beach.

She was very adventurous and even climbed a coconut tree.

The guard is not allowed to talk or move, just like the guards at Buckingham Palace in England.
See the guard in the upper right?  We asked him if we could take some pictures and Mike takes Flat Rylin up to him and says, "This is my granddaughter."  I still laugh when I think about it.

Standing guard at the Presidential palace.  Even though he is not supposed to talk or move you can tell by his eyes that he is wondering what is going on.

A boat at the museum.  

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