Sunday, November 13, 2011

Suva Stake Choir Festival

On Saturday, October 21 the Suva Stake had a Relief Society activity.  Each ward sang 2 songs.  A hymn and a "fun song".
I thought this group looked nice because many of them had coordinated dresses.  (The choir director is Sister Tapele who is the librarian at the Primary School.

This ward Suva 3rd had the biggest group.

Suva 1st Ward (Our ward is small, but you can't see all the people in this picture.)
Our ward had said to wear blue or yellow, but some didn't get the message I guess. 
It was a nice afternoon of singing and fun.  The Fijians love to sing.  Everyone sings loudly and with emotion.  It is a lot of fun to hear and watch them sing.
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