Friday, November 11, 2011

Diwali, The Festival of Lights

Diwali is probably the biggest holiday they celebrate in Fiji (in the Suva area anyway).  It is actually a Hindu celebration, but all the Indians celebrate Diwali even if they are not Hindu.  The Fijians also join in the fun of the good food, dressing in Indian clothing, pretty lights, and fireworks.  The Indians decorate the outside of their homes with lights, like we do at Christmas.  It's really pretty and many people go all out with their lights as you can see from the picture.

Our Diwali was very different from last year.   Bishop Nathan and his sweet wife, who both teach at the Primary School, invited us to their home.  Sister Nathan is so sweet and also very funny.  I just love her.  She had been cooking long hours for about 3 days to put on a wonderful Indian feast.  When we arrived  we were given some "sweets" as they called them.  There were about 6 different types of candies.  When it got dark we went outside and watched fireworks.  When we came back in, Sister Nathan had the table all set for dinner for us.

The feast

left to right - Sister Maiwiriri, Bishop Nathan, (his father) Brother Nathan, his mother, Sister Qalovaki

The kids

Me in my Diwali outfit (I know it's bright!) and Mike

Sister Singh and I. The day before Diwali, the Primary School had a dress up day.  They call the top of the outfit a kameez.  Then there are pants to go underneath.  Sister Singh was so excited that I had on a kameez.  She gave me a jewel called a bindi to wear on my forehead.  .


  1. I love your bright pink outfit and the jewel on your forehead. How do they make them stay there.?????

  2. The food looks good all green. How did it taste??/

  3. I love that color on you! The pink looks great!