Sunday, July 17, 2011

Various Happenings

The last few weeks, we have been doing lots of teacher observations at both schools with the principals and it has been fun to go into all the various classrooms.  We have seen lots of different things.  Today we observed a teacher teaching metal shop and another in the computer lab.

We have also been spending more time at the Primary School.  We have been working with the teachers and principal to select a new math book for the school and we are doing math training in preparation for the new books. 
 Below are just some various pictures from the school.

 These boys are collecting the rubbish (as they call it) at the school.

A wicket is, of course, the playing surface used in cricket. This phrase is a direct allusion to the difficulty of playing on a wet and sticky pitch. Friday afternoons is sports day at the Primary School.  The boys were playing cricket and Mike wanted to give it a try.  The bat is flat, sort of like a long paddle.

Mike is protecting the wooden spindle (bail) on top of the center stake (stumps).  If the bail gets knocked off the stumps then you are a rabbit or bunny (extremely poor batter).  This is what happened.  The bowler (chucker) got the cherry and tried to bang-it-in with a beamer, but it was a daisy cutter.  I figured the dibbly dobbly would try a corker or flipper but it was a googly or mullygrubber (I get confused).  Finally a yorker (also called a popper) set up a slog (cow shot).   I'm definately no stoger! 


Cameron, a 6th grader at the Primary School received a 2 year scholarship to go to a private school in England to play soccer and rugby.  The Fiji Rugby Association helped him get the scholarship.  It is a big honor for Cameron and it was in the newspaper and on the local television news.

Front: A gentleman from the Fiji Rugby Association, Cameron, Brother Tagicakibau (teacher)
Back: Elder Tait, Brother Qaqa (principal)

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  1. That is so cool that he received a scholarship. He is very young to leave home!