Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Career Day

Both of the church schools had a Career Day this past week.  The Counsellor at the Church College did a fabulous job of organizing the event there.  There were about 20 participating companies and/or organizations.  There were students from many high schools in the Suva area that came to the event along with the students at the church college and middle school. 

The Fiji military display.  Quite a few of the students were interested in the military as a career.

These students were interested in welding as a career
Sister Davis, another missionary, and students from the church college

At the Primary School, each classroom had a theme and they decorated their room for that career.  Then people from the community and parents came and presented information about that career.  Some of the children dressed up in the career of their choice.  It was a great day for the children.
I think the nurse with the stethoscope gave me clearance to participate in sports. 
The nurses
The chefs and bakers 
Sister Vitinavulagi's (Vee -tee- nau-vu-long-ee)  class made a city for the architects.

Future Soldiers

 Pilots at the Nadi International Airport

 The Firemen

 These Bankers are ready to use the ATM

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