Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back to School

January 14, 2011.  These are the graduates of our first class.
Front: Iva, Selina, Melissa, Una, Melania, Seresini, Sister Tait
Back:  Viliame, Brother Solomone (Principal), Elder Tait
We felt really good about the principles we taught and modeled.  We gave the teachers a lot of practical applications for their classroom.

The new school year starts here in January.  This is the opening assembly for the LDS Church College, on the first day of school.  School seems to start out very slowly here.  Only about 1/3 of the students were enrolled and present on the first day.  (Three weeks later there are still a lot of students enrolling, but most students are attending school now.)
Elder and Sister Ronnenkamp
  They are the ITEP (International Teacher Education Program) Coordinators for all the church schools in the South Pacific.  The flew in from New Zealand to do a teacher training.  They are great people and we had a good time with them.
The ITEP missionaries in Fiji.  Elder and Sister Checketts, Ronnenkamps, Taits
The students at the LDS Primary School lining up for their assembly.  They are so cute lining up.  They have a routine.  The teacher says, "Attention! Dress! At Ease!"

It has taken me so long to do this post, because I took a video of the Primary School singing the F iji National Anthem and I couldn't get it to upload.  Finally after 6 tries and using different computers Iwas able to uploaded it.
Follow the link.  It is really worth watching.  Everyone stands at attention and sings so loudly.  They are very proud of their country.  Below are the lyrics to the Chorus.  It's sort of hard to understand all of the words in the video.

For Fiji, ever Fiji, let our voices ring with pride,

For Fiji, ever Fiji, her name hail far and wide,

A land of freedom, hope and glory to endure whate'er befall

May God bless Fiji, forevermore! 

Sister Ronnenkamp and Gillian, a sweet girl from Class 2.

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