Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year's Getaway

 School was closed for 6-7 weeks for summer. We still went in and worked every day, doing lesson prep, but we did take a 6 day trip to the City of Nadi (pronounced Nan-dee) and the Yasawa Islands.
 (I'm sure many of you are wondering if we are doing missionary work at all, and I assure we are working very hard.)

This was a very ornate, colorful Hindu temple in Nadi.  While on the grounds you had to take your shoes off, and there was no picture taking inside.  It was very interesting, but difficult to understand.
A smaller structure at the Hindu temple.
This is the Radisson Resort beach on Denarau Island.

Monday morning we took a boat called the Yasawa Flyer out to the island.  The Yasawa Flyer is sort of a shuttle service to a number of small islands off the coast of the main island of Fiji.  The islands are very different. Some of the islands are so small you could walk around the entire island in a few minutes and others that would take many days to fully explore.  The first group of islands are called the Mamanuca Islands. The Mamanuca Islands are a group of beautiful reef-encircled islands located just off the Nadi coast. They are known for their beautiful white sandy beaches and island resorts. 

Beachcomber Island

Bounty Island Resort

I was just amazed at how different the topography was of the different islands.  I lost count of the islands and the names.  I think we stopped at about 12 different islands and dropped off passengers and picked up passengers.  They were very efficient, and it didn't take very long to do this.  Then came the next chain of islands called the Yasawa Islands. Only about 8 or 9 of the Yasawa islands have resorts on them, and the resorts vary in size and price.

Our island was called Nacula island, and we stayed at the Blue Lagoon Resort.  It was really nice. Very small, all inclusive resort, with mostly individual bures (bur-ays).  It was very reasonably priced.  It had great snorkeling, and very good food.  We loved it!

When we arrived, the staff was on the beach singing and greeted us with a loud, "Bula!"
Mike relaxing on the beach at our beach front bure.  You can see the bure in the background. 

The "outside" private shower of our bure.  Mike wants to build an outdoor private shower at home now.

The view from the front deck of our bure.
The beach right outside of our bure.

This is the beautiful thatched ceiling of the inside of our bure. It is wrapped with black, orange, and natural colored rope.  (Mike also thinks he is going to wrap the poles of his palapa at home like this.)

Taits and Elder and Sister Anderson (a senior couple from Canada who went with us.)  We took a hike up to the mountain ridge.  It was harder then the resort people made it sound and Sister Anderson got asthma and had no inhaler with her.  So she had a rough go of it.  But it was beautiful!

A view of  the chain of the Yasawa Islands from the mountain ridge.

Mike and Elder Anderson went on a tour of the limestone caves.  He said it was really cool.   (The women stayed at the resort and had massages.) .

Swimming in the caves.


  1. Doesn't matter where Mike is Projects are always on his mind. I am sure the neighbors at home would love the outside shower. You would probably have the county called on you, no permit for shower and indecent exposure :-). The islands are beautiful and no one here ever doubts how hard you work. Love the pics. It looks amazing

  2. Looks like you have been on a long beautiful vacation! Glad you are able to do things like that. Hope all is well, miss you guys, Love Caroline.

  3. Hi, there! Love the pictures. 6th grade teachers are going "up the mountain" to look at outdoor ed camps next week..... PTA seems determined to go to camp next year! And Mike.... a garden hose and a shower curtain does not count as an outdoor shower, no matter how you try to spin it! LOL! My Girl Scouts have put together a care package, including Girl Scout cookies and we will be sending it soon. You are in my prayers. Francine

  4. The islands look beautiful. That is some place I would like to see when we come over. I loved the outside bath houses we went to in Japan. I say go ahead and build one. Forget the rope work on your palapa thought.

  5. What a beautiful place!! Shower would be awesome! :) all u would need along with the shower is the ocean and sand close by. Miss u guys!