Friday, February 10, 2012

The Start of a New School Year and Other Happenings

January 26 was the start of another school year here in Fiji.  These pictures here are actually from the week before the start of school.  This was the teachers first day back and Brother Solomone, the principal, is sharing the testing scores from the previous year.   The scores were better than they were last year, so we were all happy about that.  But since the scores were not good last year - well let's just say there is still room for improvement.  

Brother Solomone

We also started our classroom management class.  There were only 5 people there when we took the picture, but we actually have 8 teachers plus the principal, so that is pretty good.

Elder Tait teaching

During the school holiday we had some of the students in our ward over to do math.  These girls are taking a  multiplication test.  

I know these pictures are sort of random -  but I forgot about this picture.  Right before Christmas they had turkey at the grocery store.  4 Kg is around 8 + pounds and it's $159.00!  I don't know if they sold any or not.  We can wait and have turkey when we get home.

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