Friday, January 6, 2012


Christmas turned out to be quite different than was planned.  The schools are out for summer break and so we were going to take the holiday to go to a resort with 2 other missionary couples.  But alas, we ended up at the hospital on Christmas Eve.  It all started with what we thought was the flu.  By the next day Mike was in a lot of pain and by that evening he was really hurting.  They did an x-ray and he had 2 kidney stones.  So we were home and house bound for 4 days.  But we took that time to remember the birth of the Savior and all the blessings we have.  We are thankful for the opportunity we have to serve a mission and the love and support we feel from our family and friends. We are grateful that the kidney stones passed and we have been very healthy (overall) on our mission.  That was our first trip to the doctor and the first time Mike has been sick since we arrived in Fiji.  

Poor Mike.  After 2 shots of morphine he had some relief.  Mike was very thankful for morphine.


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  1. So sorry poor dad was sick. Glad we got to talk to you on Christmas. Love you guys