Saturday, December 10, 2011

Magoon's Lagoon

We had a chance to go net fishing on P-Day with some of the other missionaries at Magoon's Lagoon.
 Brother and Sister Magoon live right on the ocean and he is a fisherman.  We were greeted warmly by the family and Sister Magoon had cooked some yummy scones.  We asked her for the recipe and she said it was flour, baking powder, and fresh coconut milk.  They have no electricity here.  They have a detached toilet room (but it flushes!)

The guys relaxing on the porch before fishing. (left to right) Elder Whiting, our neighbor, Brother Magoon, Elder Barfus, Elder Tait

These turtle shells hanging in the kitchen were beautiful!

Many of the houses out in the villages have outdoor kitchen areas where they cook.  They cook over an open fire.

Sister Barfus using their shower!  They collect water in these big barrels and then you can "shower" with a bucket.

Getting the boat ready.

Loading the net into the boat.

Following the boat along the beach.


Sister Magoon is a strong worker !  Here she is with the rope around her waist pulling the net in.

Once the net gets to the shore we all start pulling it in.

Pulling the net.  Elder Whiting, Sister Barfus, Sister Whiting, Sister Magoon.

Well there wasn't a really big catch.  Only 1 big fish.  But the Fijians don't waste any of the fish.  The smaller fish are used for bait.

We caught quite a few of these fish that looked like a sword fish.  They were about 8-10 inches long.

The catch of the day!

Sister Magoon scaling and cleaning the fish.  I felt so bad for this fish, because he was flopping around as she scraped the scales off!  Finally she cut it open and took out the insides.

We put the net back in a second time, and didn't catch much.  But we did catch this stingray.  They said they eat them, although we didn't eat it that day.

The stingray.  (They had cut the stinger off.)

We also caught a few crabs and shrimp (prawns).

One of the teenage boys climbed up a coconut tree and threw down a bunch of coconuts.  They sliced the top off and we had fresh coconut milk and meat.  It was very sweet and good.

Brother Magoon with his cane knife.

Sister Magoon and her daughters then cooked a traditional Fijian meal including the fresh fish.  There was curry, dalo, fruit, roti, and a lot of other dishes.  It was very good.

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