Monday, September 5, 2011


We had a chance to travel to Taveuni, "The Garden Island of Fiji", and took the time to see a few of the sights.  Our good friends and fellow missionaries, Elder and Sister Sunderlage, picked us up at the airport, and took very good care of us.  They showed us around the island.  We saw lots of interesting sights along the way. 

Bouma Falls (the 1st of 3)

The International Dateline runs through the island of Taveuni.  You can have 1 foot in Friday and another foot in Saturday.

A Fiji weather station.  Notice the rock on the right side hanging by the rope. We visited several of the houses that the Church rebuilt on Taveuni that were destroyed by Cyclone Thomas in May 2011. 

This cute boy had gathered sea urchin shells, left over from lunch, so we gave him a sucker "lolly" as they call it in Fiji.  The people said they boil the urchins and then eat the eggs inside.

Many of the women wash their clothes and dishes in the river.
Cherie does not appreciate how well I have taken care of her.

Mike and Jean and Jack Sunderlage

4 warriors sharpening their cane knives and a lady

Fishing.  He said he will use these small fish as bait later in the day.
He was freezing the air was 75 and the water was 80.

The coastal walk, which is a trail about 2 miles long, which leads up to another waterfall.

                A suspension bride along the coastal walk.  Indiana Tait crossing the bridge.

Many of the trees were covered with these huge tree ferns.
We met these kids in the bush about a mile from the village.  The oldest was 5-6.  Imagine letting kids do that in California.  
They loved getting their picture taken.

Find the Papa

Walking home across the stream.
A natural rock waterslide that the kids love to slide down.  We got there later in the day, and there weren't many people there.  We didn't try it, but watched a young man slide down. 

Baptism in the Ocean
Walking from the church to the beach.

Getting ready for the baptism.

 It was a special experience to attend the baptism of this good Brother his sweet wife.

The sunset from our hotel.

Every room has an outdoor hot tub.

The fruit bats called the "flying fox"  They "hang out" in the trees by the hotel.  They are about the size of a seagull.


  1. Looks that looks awesome. That is great that you stood in two places at once. I love the guy getting baptism.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures. The water slide looks kinda fun. We are suprised Mike didn't try it :)

    Miriam Webb

  3. Glad you had a wonderful time the week we would of been there. Glad you got to go to see something new. Just paste these things in your mind for ever. We had a good time blessing the baby. We went up to Navuoo over night and enjoyed it. It is so pretty over there you will really miss it coming back to Southern California.

  4. Holy cow, that bat is enormous!! Those are some crazy stories. I can imagine that "stream" turns into a river pretty quick in the rains.