Sunday, June 26, 2011

ITEP Missionaries

  • Our ITEP supervisors The Ronnenkamps came to Fiji to check out the schools.  They work out of the area office in Auckland, New Zealand, but sometimes travel to the islands to check how things are going at the schools. They are a great couple and we appreciate their help and support in our calling.  Monday was a national holiday in Fiji, the Queen's Birthday.  So we took them on a drive to see a few of the sights of Fiji.

Lunch at The Pearl with our Fiji water.

The Fijians are very religious.  Methodist and Seventh Day Adventist are both very big religions here.  This
is the MTC for one of those religions.

Fresh crab for sale!

If your table is broken, no problem.

Thursday afternoons the students at the Church College have Cocurricular classes.  They can pick some activity, and many pick sports.  This is volley ball in the front and towards the back is a game called netball.  It's a game the girls play.  It's sort of like basketball but there is no backboard and they only pass the ball.

These students are playing field hockey.

Everybody LOVES rugby here. 

Before the Ronnenkamps left we took their picture by the school sign, and then they took our picture.  We don't have a picture like this, so I thought I'd post it.

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  1. Hi the girls loved the pictures. They love pointing out yur missionary tags