Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Passing of the Torch and Fitness Testing

Here in Fiji they have a country wide high school track meet called the "Cokes".  Can you guess who sponsors the event?  Before the event they do something similar to the olympic torch relay, although obviously on a smaller scale.  The torches go to all the schools competing in the meet.  This is the students from LDS Church College at the torch relay ceremony.  Everyone was excited.  The students holding the torches are 2 student leaders at the college.

Our friend Apenisa that was baptised a month ago is going to Fiji National University to be a PE teacher.  His class came to the college and did some fitness testing for the rugby team.  Here are some of the boys during the test.

Elder Tait and Apenisa deep in conversation.  Apenisa, "Do you think you can do better than the rugby players?"  Elder Tait,  " I am in great shape! I go to the gym every morning at 5 am., unless I am too tired.  Ummm maybe I'm not as in good of shape as I thought."

Some of the students watching the fitness testing. 

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