Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baptism and This is Fiji

The Baptism of Apenisa

Sunday, April 3, 2011 was a very happy day for us, as our friend Apenisa was baptized.  Mike first met Apenisa at the school where he was student teaching.  We went by his house that afternoon and we invited him to come to church.  We then introduced him to the full-time missionaries in our ward, Elder Aleman and Elder Duncan.  We sat in on one of Apenisa's lessons with the missionaries and heard Apenisa bear his testimony for the first time.  He said that he knew that it was not a coincidence that he was assigned to practice teach at the LDS Church College.  He also shared with us that he knew the church was true and wanted to be baptized.  We are very happy for him, and as you can see from the picture, he is also very happy.  We feel very blessed to have Apenisa as a friend and fellow saint in the church.  He is a very special person and we have grown to love him.

Apenisa and Elder Aleman before the baptism.

We were getting ready to teach our class one afternoon and noticed a large group of students lined up beside the primary school 9 passenger van.  Then Mike noticed them all loading into the van, and he ran and got the camera.  He thought it was hilarous as they loaded all the kids into the van. Mike said he thought there were 28 kids in the van. 

Happy Passeners from the side of the van.

The view from the back.

 This is Harry from a Math class we are assisting with at the school.  We had given the class members some triangle flash cards and asked them to cut them out at home.  Harry had been absent, so we gave him the cards and we notice he has a straight edge razor that he is sawing away with on the cards.  This is just so amazing to us, because of course in the US, at least in California, he would have been expelled for having a dangerous weapon.  But not problem here in Fiji!


  1. The girls loved the scriptures are true sign. That is a lot of kids in one van I guess no seat belt laws lol. Love you guys

  2. Although I am glad for the laws and rules in the states, sometimes it would be nice to just PILE everyone in like that!! On my street there are like 20 kids that all go to the same school and every morning the parents have to drive them. It would be nice if the moms could take turns piling kids into their car every morning like this!!

  3. I love your pictures. I think my van looked almost like that some morning as Tim and etc loaded into it after semimary for a ride to school.