Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Season in the South Seas

The Sisters tracting in Fiji on their day off, but nobody
was around except for a few crabs that ran inside
when they got near their home.

Here I am wearing my sulu I got at the school Christmas party.  It is really cool!  A lot cooler than pants.
I doubt this is BYU dress code even with the T-shirt.

We spent part of P-day in Pacific Harbor with the Andersons, a Temple couple from British Colombia.  It was nice getting to know them and taking a little break from the work we have been doing.  We average about 14hr. days, and are trying to be faithful in our calling so we usually don't feel too tired.  I believe D&C 84:33 For whoso is faithful unto ... the magnifying their calling, are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies.
We may not look to "new" but we feel great. 

Family home evening with the Saints from Vanuatu and Tas.  They are different countries from Fiji, but are part of the Fiji Mission.  Three widows and a family with seven "pickaninnies" (this is NOT a derogatory term in their language, Bislamic).  We could get the jist of what they were saying as it is a pidgin form of English & French.  Pickaninny is the word for child and in their lesson and testimonies Father in Heaven was "Papa God"  and the Son was "Papa God Pickaninny"  It was very spiritual and humbling to be in the presence of such faithful people.  The widows were from Tas, they speak an entirely different language, which has no translation of the scriptures or temple ordinances at this time.  Many of them slept at the school because the patron housing at the temple was full.  They were moved to tears by the generosity of the saints in Fiji who provided food for them for the week they were here.  We were moved to tears to hear their testimonies of Joseph Smith and the restoration, listen to them quote scriptures, pray for President Monson, and sing Christmas Carols.  After FHE most of them went upstairs and started singing more Christmas Carols.

Here I am with the District President (Stake President for a Mission Area).  He joined the church when there was only an annex (a congregation too small to be a Branch) in Vanuatu.  Now there are two Districts. (This is my dressy sulu)  Sister
Wooley, the Temple Matron, in the background.

This little girl was so cute.  I think she was fascinated with my blue eyes as she would smile and stare at my eyes when I was talking to her or her mother.

This is the Fanafo Branch Chapel.  They had 43 at church Sunday.

Volleyball on land.

Volleyball at sea.

Guess why I am doing the blog this time?


  1. Tell Mike that a sulu is BYU dress code. Catherine said that they were commonly seen on BYU H campus when she was there. Does Cheri have one yet to wear. IFt is beautiful there. Remember work hard and play hard and you will be the best senior missionaries over there.

  2. Mike you are looking a little sunburn? Do they sell sunscreen out there. I was thinking to send you guys a package with pumpkin in it so you can have a real pumpkin pie sometime! I will have to get your address from Melinda. So I am curious why you were blogging, but I still love it. It's great to hear from both of you!